What is an Amateur Boxing Program & How to Get Started?


Are you looking for an organized resource to engage in boxing at the local or international level? Amateur boxing is an excellent way for individuals to learn and hone their boxing skills in a safe and supportive environment. It provides access to training, coaching, and competitive experiences from local to international levels.

By taking part in an amateur boxing program, you can develop your boxing abilities and gain experience in a competitive yet friendly atmosphere. But what is amateur boxing exactly? What does an amateur boxing program offer? How can you get started in amateur boxing?

You can find answers to all these questions in today’s article. So without further delay, read on!

What is Amateur Boxing?

Amateur boxing, as the name suggests, is the type of boxing that is practiced at the amateur or collegiate levels, such as at the Olympic, Commonwealth, and Pan American games.

Amateur boxing has categories for both men and women. However, the rules are slightly different for men and women. An amateur boxing match for men consists of three rounds, each of three minutes, with a 1-minute break in between the rounds. On the contrary, there are four rounds for women in amateur boxing, each of 2 minutes, with the same 1-minute interval between the rounds.

In amateur boxing, the job of the judges is to identify which boxer has landed clean punches rather than that of the highest strength. There is a referee in amateur boxing matches who monitors the legality of punches by the boxers. In amateur boxing, repeated low blows are not allowed, and they may result in the boxer being disqualified. Additionally, the boxers in amateur boxing can not use holding tactics repeatedly.

Safety is also paramount in amateur boxing. Besides boxers wearing headgear and belts over the torso, the amateur boxing match gets stopped if one fighter is completely dominating the other or is seriously injured.

Amateur boxing matches tend to happen more frequently as compared to professional boxing matches, in which boxers take rests for months before getting into the ring again for a match.

There are majorly 14 weight categories in Amateur boxing, such as:

  1. Super heavyweight
  2. Heavyweight
  3. Light heavyweight
  4. Middleweight
  5. Light Middleweight
  6. Welterweight
  7. Light welterweight
  8. Lightweight
  9. Featherweight
  10. Bantamweight
  11. Light bantamweight
  12. Flyweight
  13. Light flyweight
  14. Pinweight

The weight required for all these categories for men, women, and juniors is represented in the following image:

Now that we have understood what amateur boxing is, let’s look at what an amateur boxing program is and how you can get started in it.

What is an Amateur Boxing Program?

An amateur boxing program is a structured and dedicated boxing training program that teaches individuals how to box in a safe and controlled environment. Through a combination of physical conditioning, technical training, and mental discipline, participants not only learn the fundamentals of boxing but also get the opportunity to compete against other amateur boxers.

Amateur boxing programs promote safety, sportsmanship, and a healthy lifestyle. Unlike mainstream professional boxing, participants are required to wear protective headgear, mouthguards and abide by the program’s rules and regulations.

An amateur boxing program is a great way to learn the sport, stay fit and build confidence. With a strong commitment to training and dedication, many boxers find success in an amateur boxing program and transition to professional boxing.

Even if your end goal is not to compete professionally, you can still enroll in an amateur boxing program and learn the ins and outs of the sport. This program goes way beyond benefitting you physically.

It also positively impacts your mental health, helps you build confidence, teaches discipline, and instills a sportsman spirit. All these things aid you big time in your personal and professional life.

How to Get Started in an Amateur Boxing?

Step No 1 ==> Join Red Owl Boxing

Red Owl Boxing is a luxury boxing gym with affordable prices. Our state of the art boxing gyms feature trainers who are experienced at developing fighters the right way.

Because Red Owl Boxing is also a combat sports venue, members of our amateur boxing program have a place to sharpen their skills with valuable in-ring experience. With events happening every month, Red Owl Boxing keeps members of our amateur boxing program active to further sharpen your boxing skills & help develop the future of Canadian Boxing.

The difference between a normal and a boxing gym is that a boxing gym consists of professional boxing trainers & coaches, sparring partners, boxing equipment, and other resources required to train amateurs for boxing competitions.

Step No 2 ==> Enroll in the Amateur Boxing Program

Ask to join the program & you will be setup with the right membership type. You will be able to book all your classes & manage the program right from the Red Owl Boxing app.

Step No 3 ==> Build a Rapport With Your Boxing Coach

Your boxing coach will play a major role in your development as an amateur boxer. Your coach will not only be responsible for teaching you how to box, but he/she will also equip you with the boxing knowledge you need as a beginner.

They will hold the mitts while you punch, watch you hit the punching bag, advise you on improving your technique and elevating your form, etc. You may also get basic nutritional advice from your boxing coach.

Step No 4 ==> Apply for Your Amateur Boxing License 

You will need to be licensed by Boxing Ontario before you are able to enter any boxing competitions on an amateur level. Red Owl Boxing will help guide you through the process of registering with Boxing Ontario including clearing a physical.

We can provide you with names of physicians we have worked with in the past who can conduct your physical. After you get your approved physical form, you need to fill out the boxing application form that can be found on the Boxing Ontario website & include your medical forms.

Step No 5 ==> Get Ready for Your First Event

After practicing, preparing, and gaining substantial boxing experience, the time will come where you will be ready to get into that ring ! Your coach will tell you when you will be ready to face other boxers at the competition level.

Once ready, you will be able to participate in the regular amateur boxing events being held at the Red Owl. Regular in-ring experience has been something that has held Canadian Boxing back for years. The Red Owl Boxing Amateur Program offers something that will be difficult to find elsewhere … a venue to put your high level training to the ultimate test!

Take Your Boxing to Another Level By Signing up for Our Amateur Boxing Program!

Whether your goal is to play boxing competitions and make a career out of it, or you just want to enter the ring for fun or fitness purposes, our boxing program has got you covered.

Red Owl Boxing is equipped with state-of-the-art boxing equipment and seasoned boxing trainers/coaches that can take your boxing game to the next level and help you achieve great strides in your career.

So are you ready to ignite the boxing spark in you and wake your inner boxer up? If yes, what are you waiting for? Enroll in our boxing program now, and get to business.

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