6 Amazing Advantages of Group Personal Training Sessions


Do you know that group personal training is one of the best ways to achieve your fitness goal, socialize with like-minded people, and maintain a healthy lifestyle? Although group personal training has been around for years, this form of exercise has gained tremendous popularity over the last decade as it offers so many benefits.

However, with fitness freaks siding with a classic gym workout, the benefits of group personal training might go unnoticed. We will be highlighting the six incredible benefits of group training that you maybe missing out on.

So if you haven’t sweated exercising in a group before, without any more jibber jabber, let’s convince you why you should start!


Humans, being social animals, seek social connections. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we seldom get the chance to interact with people on a personal level. Wouldn’t it be great if you could work out and simultaneously get the chance to connect with like-minded individuals? In group training, you can make new friends, discuss your life & carrier, and have a productive conversation, all while keeping yourself fit.

Being in a group of fitness lovers, you are more likely to stay motivated to exercise and pick on the good exercising habits of your group members. On the other hand, if you exercise alone, you may get tired of repeating the same routine every day, especially if you’re an extrovert.

Training in groups makes people feel like they’re part of a bigger thing, giving them a reason to attend the gym. With group personal training, a gym becomes a worthwhile and lively place.


Just having a gym membership is never enough. You need a trainer who is experienced and qualified to guide you through the exercises. This need for a guide becomes essential when it comes to boxing and weight training alike. However, not everyone can afford a personal trainer. In such a scenario, group personal training proves to be an extremely affordable package. Small group training classes cater to more people as it fits the budget for more people.

Although one-on-one training sessions have their own benefits, not everybody wants to pay hefty amounts for personal training for only a fraction of their daytime in a gym, primarily due to a limited budget. With group personal training classes, you can save money and spend it on buying boxing gear, gym accessories, or much-needed diet supplements. In short, group personal training gives you more bang for your buck.

Keeps you Motivated

Consistently showing up to the gym is the hardest habit to achieve. In most cases, people drop out in the initial weeks because, let’s be honest, it’s not easy to show up every day and put your body through the pain of exercising. Therefore, people either lose interest or give in to their laziness. But you know what? Group training works like a charm if you want to stay motivated and avoid skipping the gym.

You’ll automatically be motivated when you see other group members putting in the work and trying harder. Besides, having a friend in a group will always be beneficial as they can drag you to the gym whenever you lack motivation. If you are the one progressing faster than everyone else, your group members will praise you, which will, in turn, make you feel good about yourself and motivate you to work harder.

Another motivating factor is the fees. As the fee for group personal training is paid in advance, it makes the members stick to the training schedule.

All in all, working in a group, you will feel more confident due to consistent support from your mates and the coach. The supportive environment of the group training will further help you enjoy your time in the gym while maintaining full attendance.

Drives You to Surpass Your Group Members

Friendly competition in group personal training can bring out the best in you. When training in a group, all the members try to be better than each other and avoid being the last ones to complete the exercise.

This healthy competition and drive to outdo your group members will encourage you to push your limits and take your training seriously.

Decreases Your Stress Levels

The world we live in is full of stress and worries. Everybody has their tensions and a lot going on in their lives. Amidst these worries, we often forget to manage our stress, leading to mental health issues.

Gladly, with the help of group personal training, you can mitigate your stress levels. By socializing and connecting with like-minded people, you might not only clear your mind but also share your experiences and troubles.

Group Training is Fun!

Lifting weights in isolation, doing cardio on the boring treadmill, or boxing alone might oftentimes feel like a drag, but doing the same exercise with a bunch of people is always fun.

Imagine listening to good music, hitting squats in a group, and pushing your limits to be better than your mates. It almost feels like a party. Of course, it will not be a party with alcohol and sushi, but hey, you will be burning calories while having fun. Isn’t that awesome?

Bottom Line

As humans, we all need someone to relate to and interact with, especially those going through the same experience as us. But we get so busy that we sometimes forget to bond with people and care for our health.

However, group training allows you to get the best of both worlds at the same time. The fun of working out with a group of friends is something that will help you incorporate fitness into your lifestyle. This fun keeps us going for prolonged periods with the same enthusiasm. If you are on a budget, and can not spend money on hiring a personal trainer but don’t want to compromise your fitness, group training is for you!

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