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Looking for a unique, stylish & trendy photo shoot location? You have come to the right place. Red Owl Boxing is a luxury modern boxing gym with 3 locations to choose from.

What is it about a boxing ring that is so cool? Is it that it’s not something you see everyday? Maybe it’s the size of it or the idea that fighters fight each other in the ring to carry on the tradition of one of the oldest sports in history. Whatever the reason is nobody can deny the excitement a boxing ring brings.

That same excitement will translate into your photos. Whether you are looking for a general fitness location or specifically a boxing gym, the Red Owl has 3 locations to choose from. Each location features a boxing ring, punching bags, gym equipment & full size wall Muriel’s of legendary boxers which will add some extra character to your photo shoot.

Below you can find image galleries for each location. Pricing varies based on the location you choose and the hours needed for your photo shoot. Please contact us if you have any questions or are interested in booking.

We look forward to hosting you & your photo shoot.

Red Owl Boxing

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