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Looking for a fun unique gift that promotes good health for your loved ones? Red Owl Boxing classes are the perfect gift. Not only are boxing classes fun & unique, they also build confidence & keeps you looking fit.

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Class passes purchased using a gift card can be used on any of our boxing training classes which are listed below.

  • Olympic Boxfit - (all levels) 55mins
    You don’t have to be an Olympian, but you can sure try and train like one. This is a non-contact high intensity workout that incorporates resistance training along with a great cardio work out. Sprinkle boxing on top and you have a class that will get you Box FIT!
  • Strength with Weights - (all levels) 55 mins
    This class will focus on building full body strength through the use of weights, (weight options to suit you provided). Strength training has many benefits; burn calories, lose weight and keep it off, protects bone health and make you less prone to injury. Ultimately, it will make you fitter, stronger and more confident.
  • Kettlebell Boxing - (all levels) 45mins
    This is a unique combination of HIIT (high intensity interval training) style boxing, along with the use of kettlebells. Prepare to sweat as kettlebell work outs combines strength training with high intensity cardio (heart rate will increase). Add HIIT boxing to it, you have double the work out! (go at your own pace).
  • Skip & Abs - (all levels) 45mins
    Skipping is the best cardio when it comes to increasing your heart rate. Prepare to burn calories as 1 minute of skipping can burn 10 calories. You will be put through skipping drills and combine that with abdominal exercises to strengthen that core to get those 6 pack abs you always desired.
  • Competitive Boxing - (pro & am minimum age 12) 120mins
    This class is geared towards those who have a desire to compete. Or for those that have already begun the process and are looking to take their game to the next level. Amatuer boxers must be registered with Boxing Ontario.
  • Special Needs Boxing - (youth) 60 mins
    There have been many studies on the extreme benefits Boxing has for those with special needs. Boxing training provides the confidence and self-esteem that is much needed. The comradery between the participants is something to behold!
  • Technique Time - (all levels) 60mins
    This class is highly recommended for those interested in improving their form/technique to enhance their productivity in Boxing.
  • Boxing Body - (all levels) 60mins
    Boxers are known to be in the best shape of all athletes. This class will be a combination of resistance training, cardio, strength, agility and all the components needed to get you that figure you have always desired!
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